I am Ayen Lual, a 24-year-old from Melbourne, Australia, I recently finished a diploma in community service in March 2021 and currently undertaking my student work placement at the Centre of Migrant and Refugee Health. It was so hard for me to find placement due to the covid-19 pandemic. Most of the community service centres that I had called to secure placement had told me, “Sorry, we are not currently taking placements due to covid-19; we still have students from 2020 who haven’t started their placements.”

And just as I was about to give up, I came across the Centre of Migrant and Refugee Health, and I said to myself, “this is the last phone call I am making” And to my surprise, yes!!! They were taking placements, and I felt so happy and relieved.

The Centre of Migrant and Refugee Health (CMRH) plus Sudanese Mothers Coalition in Victoria (SMCV) met my placement requirements. Both CMRH and SMCV provided me with a suitable work area, including desk and computers, to meet the WHS requirements for the placement and case management for clients impacted by sociological factors and COVID-19.

Doing my placement with CMRH have helped me gained some skills that I would use when working in community service centres. I feel so delighted!

If such organizations were to be supported more, I believe they will change society and help students gain the skills they need in the community services area.
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Ms. Ayen LualStudent from Partners in Training Australia